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  1. прилагательное
    • сердечный; задушевный; радушный

      cordial thanks — сердечная благодарность

      cordial welcome — сердечный /радушный/ приём

      cordial handshake — сердечное рукопожатие

      cordial smile — приветливая улыбка

    • сильный, глубокий, глубоко прочувствованный

      cordial liking [dislike] — большая /глубокая/ симпатия [антипатия]

      to feel cordial abhorrence of smth. — относиться с крайним отвращением к чему-л.; от всей души возмущаться чем-л.

    • укрепляющий; крепкий, сильный

      cordial drink — крепкий напиток

      cordial medicine — подкрепляющее /стимулирующее/ лекарство

  2. существительное
    • стимулирующее сердечное средство

    • крепкий ароматный подслащённый напиток (наливка, ликёр и т. п.)

    • что-л. радующее, поднимающее настроение; приятное известие и т. п.

  • сердечный
cordial atmosphere – сердечная атмосфера
  • теплый
cordial welcome – теплый прием
cordial reception – радушный прием
cordial relations – дружеские отношения

Примеры использования

The bellman’s cordial greeting made me instantly fall in love with the hotel.
If you treat people in a cordial manner, they will treat you well also.
The only way you can succeed in business is by having cordial relationships with your customers.
As long as everyone stays nice and open-minded, we can have a cordial discussion.
Jason is very cordial to everyone now that he is running for public office.
Even though I hate Lindsay, I can be cordial to her at social events.
Bridgett did not think she could be cordial to the woman who had stolen her husband.
When the students greeted their new classmate, they were very cordial and embraced her warmly.
The party hostess made everyone feel welcome with her cordial greeting.
Because my grandmother is a cordial woman, she always greets her guests with a hug.
Our meeting, after mutual recognition, was affectionate and cordial.
She smiled a cordial welcome to him, so he turned and changed his step to suit hers.
I fancy in the cordial excitement of the moment he was quite sincere.
To-day the greeting between the two men was a cordial if a brief one.
The meeting was by appointment, however, and his greeting was cordial and hearty.
As it began to move, he and Juve exchanged a cordial handshake.
Revived by a cordial, Vinson gradually recovered his senses.
It is an old friendship, a sincere friendship, and a cordial friendship.
Their reception was cordial; Dorothy showed that she was glad of the diversion.
They should receive the united and cordial support of every farmer.


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