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  1. прилагательное
    • праздничный; пиршественный

    • компанейский, любящий выпить и закусить с друзьями

      a very convivial party — попойка

      convivial companions — собутыльники

  • праздничный
convivial atmosphere – праздничная атмосфера
  • компанейский

Примеры использования

Carl was a convivial party host who made everyone feel at home.
If you cannot be convivial, then you should not invite people over for dinner.
A letter through the mail is so much more convivial than an online post or text.
Since I removed the modern furnishings from my dining room, the area looks more warm and convivial.
The welcome mat on my front porch is a convivial item that greets all my houseguests.
Although I was the new girl in class, I was not anxious because all my classmates were so convivial to me.
John’s eyes are bright and sparkly whenever he is in a convivial mood.
Even though churches are supposed to be welcoming places of worship, the church near my apartment building is not convivial to new members.
My sister acted convivial to the mechanic so he would not charge a high price for her car maintenance.
If you were more convivial to your employees, they would probably stop quitting their jobs.
Be friendly, genial, convivial—what you will—but preserve the tone and bearing of a gentleman.
Bozzy was a convivial knight-errant in what was called 'Saving the ladies.'
Can I even trust him in hours of convivial abandonment and debauch?
Nothing is too strange, nothing too ridiculous, nothing too convivial, nothing too daring for Paddy.
Touch-the-button-Nell was singing a comic ditty of a convivial order.
I have participated in convivial scenes more than once in Boston.
Nothing could move him or entice him away from his convivial employment.
I suspect him of being an orator of repute at convivial meetings.
In familiar or convivial conversation, it does not appear that he excelled.
It is a most refreshing, convivial, beautiful object to behold.


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