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  1. глагол
    • убеждать, уверять

      to convince smb. that he is mistaken — убедить кого-л. в том, что он ошибается

      to be convinced — убедиться; быть убеждённым

      he has convinced himself that his method is the best — он уверил себя /убедился/, что его метод самый лучший

    • (of) убедить (в чём-л.); довести до чьего-л. сознания

      to convince smb. of one's sincerity [innocence] — убедить кого-л. в своей искренности [невиновности]

      to convince smb. of one's errors [sins] — заставить кого-л. осознать свои ошибки [грехи]

  • убеждать
convince the reader – убеждать читателя
convinced communist – убежденный коммунист
  • уверять
  • убедиться

Примеры использования

Even though his drinking was a problem, no one could convince the alcoholic to get help.
I tried to convince my friend to wear the red dress instead of the blue since it looked more flattering.
Protesters tried to convince the congressman to vote against the bill through loud protests and moving letters.
Try as she might, the woman could not convince her husband to take her on a vacation.
The police tried to convince the deranged man to put the gun down so that no one would get hurt.
Windich took some of the old dung with him to convince our companions that we had seen them.
He says, he will convince you of his love by deeds, since he is not permitted by you to express it by words.
But I hope you will convince as well them as me of the contrary.
But he was apparently able to convince even Larry la Roche by means of words.
(To Béralde) Will you let me convince you; and to show you at once how my mistress loves my master.
She saw enough to convince her that the young creature in front of her was in earnest.
It was scarcely possible to convince him that he was beloved.
I have heard it said that there are men who read in books to convince themselves there is a God.
A single moment served to convince the youth that he was mistaken.
No more was needed to convince Number Thirteen of the identity of the party.


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