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  1. прилагательное
    • удобный, подходящий

      convenient time [place] — удобное /подходящее/ время [место]

      convenient tool — удобный инструмент

      convenient method — подходящий метод

      I'll call on you tomorrow evening if it's convenient for you — если вам удобно, я зайду за вами завтра вечером

    • (for, to) находящийся поблизости, под рукой

      our house is very convenient for the shops [to the market] — от нашего дома недалеко до магазинов [до рынка]

  • удобный
convenient location – удобное расположение
convenient means of transportation – удобное средство передвижения
convenient terms – комфортные условия
  • выгодный
  • удачный
  • подходящий

Примеры использования

The emergency medical clinic was open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in order to make it convenient for the working class to get adequate medical care.
Since the computer software was so convenient to use, the citizens could quickly complete the application online.
Taking back roads through the city makes it convenient to get to work within a matter of minutes even during rush hour.
In order to make it as convenient as possible, the scheduler offered to deliver the appliances at any time the customer requested.
Would his employer be so kind as to excuse him for an hour, if convenient?
Certainly, it would be convenient to please Mrs. Evan Roberts.
It will be convenient to deal with the fortunes of the right column first.
"It hasn't been convenient to do it before," was the crisp answer.
Duties often spring up to our view at a convenient opportunity.
And then you can mention the hour that would be most convenient.
This Tract is only a borrow'd Tract, and which may be drawn any way, as shall be most convenient.
This is a convenient arrangement in using the phonograph for correspondence or dictation.
Season them with pepper and salt, and, if convenient, add some mushrooms.
It was convenient, though not as comfortable as he could wish for his clients.


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