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  1. существительное
    • контролёр; ревизор; инспектор

    • спец. контроллер, автоматический регулятор, датчик

    • спец. оператор

    • начальник ПВО района; офицер поста наблюдения

    • наводчик прожектора

    • спорт. начальник дистанции

  • контроллер
memory controller – контроллер памяти
programmable logic controller – программируемый логический контроллер
hard disk controller – контроллер жесткого диска
primary domain controller – основной контроллер домена
base station controller – контроллер базовой станции
controller area network – сеть контроллеров
video game controller – игровой контроллер
session border controller – пограничный контроллер сессий
automatic temperature controller – автоматический регулятор температуры
  • контролер
financial controller – финансовый контролер
senior controller – старший диспетчер
  • оператор

Примеры использования

He was the controller of a great journal: he was a leading politician.
And bear in mind that I refuse to allow you to be the controller of it.
I can remember distinctly that my father was a Controller, Third Class.
We speak of it as the master and controller of the body; but this is only partially true.
The mind should not act as a director or controller of the spontaneous centers.
However, I missed the point that if control is possible, the controller must be a mind.
The Controller checks daily the Clerk of the kitchens account.
The controller reached over and turned up the volume on his radio.
There is also the controller of victualling, and the controller-general of the coast-guard.
His conduct as Controller of the Navy was no less magnanimous and decisive.

Карта синонимов


person who oversees organization


person who runs organization


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