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  1. существительное
    • консул

      honorary consul — почётный консул

    • консул (один из двух правителей в Древнем Риме)

    • ист. консул (во Франции 1799-1804 гг.)

      First Consul — первый консул (титул Наполеона до 1804 г.)

  • консул

Примеры использования

The diplomat will work as his nation’s consul by supporting the concerns of his homeland while residing abroad.
The Chinese consul made regular visits to check on his country’s citizens who lived in San Francisco’s Chinatown.
For the politician, becoming his country’s consul is a huge honor that will allow him to live in a foreign country for at least a year.
The foreign student went to the office of his country’s consul to discuss the ways in which he could extend his visa.
As our nation’s consul, you should be ready to promote and protect our country’s interests while living overseas.
The consul then saw the Dutch merchant, and the matter was arranged between them.
She had a new cap tain, and he consented to receive me as a consul's man.
I suppose there must be a consul—Asiut seems a big, important town.
The British Consul hadn't had such a marriage in the whole of his Consularity.
In 1811 Mr. Madison appointed him consul at Riga, but he declined the place.
At dinner that night he expressed his doubts to the Consul, who shook his head.
The captain promised to hand them over to the British Consul at Barbadoes.
The Consul is the most forgiving of men; he never bears malice.
There is no jury; the Consul has suspended trial by jury for two years.
At the American Consul's dinner an expedition on the Niessen had been arranged.

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