confrontation Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • столкновение

      confrontation of opinion — расхождение во мнениях

    • полит. конфронтация, противоборство

      nuclear confrontation — ядерное противостояние

      we need détente, not confrontation — нам нужна разрядка напряжённости, а не конфронтация

    • сравнение, сопоставление

      to bring into confrontation present and past — сопоставить настоящее и прошлое

    • юр. конфронтация, очная ставка

  • конфронтация
military confrontation – военная конфронтация
bloody confrontation – кровавое столкновение
nuclear confrontation – ядерное противостояние
direct confrontation – прямое противоборство
  • очная ставка
  • сопоставление
  • стычка
  • конфронтационный

Примеры использования

After a period of confrontation, we are entering an era of negotiation.
They confronted him with Enriquez, and the confrontation no whit disturbed him.
The impression from the confrontation must be a sudden one, give a shock!
Kaltofen was at once re-arrested, and brought into confrontation with Kiessling.
On confrontation with the latter he repeated what he had said.
It told him to mind the confrontation and to be on his guard with Steinweg.
And this time the confrontation was too near, too immediate, to be further avoided.
The Peloponnesian War was the confrontation of two social systems, radically opposed in form, method, and outlook.
That was perhaps the worst moment of my life, that confrontation of Semyonov.
The confrontation of Hardquanonne with Gwynplaine had taken place.

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