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  1. прилагательное
    • заслуженный (о наказании)

      condign censure [punishment] — заслуженное порицание [наказание]

  • заслуженный

Примеры использования

The judge’s job was to make sure that the sentence was condign for each crime.
They searched for an award that was condign for the young spelling bee winner.
The employee felt that his raise was condign for all the work he had put into his position.
The movie was not condign for those under the age of thirteen.
The principle of karma is that one gets what is condign for what they give.
Our guerdon is shame in this world and condign punishment in the next.
Indemnity, swift and condign, does what mortal hand can do to heal the hurt.
Enraged at this, Noakes threatened the malcontents with condign punishment.
Instantly he detected the culprit, and condign punishment followed.
"With your permission," he replied, with condign simplicity.
Summary and condign was the punishment that fell on the unlucky Jenny.
Condign means "suitable" or "deserved," not necessarily severe.
Dicky trembled with rage as he lay, and he resolved on condign revenge.
I'll after 'em, and see the Traitor brought to condign Punishment.
She turned upon her guest the cold eyes of a condign destiny.

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