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  1. глагол
    • состряпать, приготовить (из разных продуктов)

      to concoct a drink of vegetable and fruit juices — приготовить фруктово-овощной напиток

      they concocted a dinner — они сварганили обед

    • состряпать, выдумать

      to concoct an excuse [a story, a plot for a novel] — придумать оправдание [рассказ, сюжет романа]

    • спец. концентрировать; сгущать

  • состряпать
  • выдумывать
  • сочинить

Примеры использования

My mother is a talented chef who can concoct a gourmet meal out of sandwich meats.
Using only his cellphone, the talented filmmaker was able to concoct a wonderful film that won several awards.
The organizers of this year’s scavenger hunt are working hard to concoct a themed hunt that will be even better than last year’s amazing event.
Hopefully, the scientists will be able to concoct a drug that will act as a cure for the deadly disease.
The clever writer is able to concoct such entertaining stories.
As an only child, I learned to concoct my own fun at an early age.
Meredith is taking a winemaking class in hopes of learning how to concoct her favorite beverages.
During the science summer camp, students will be allowed to concoct anything they can imagine using household items.
My gifted toddler was able to concoct a mansion out of simple blocks.
Because the two burglars were unable to concoct a good getaway plan, they were quickly arrested after committing the crime.
I am not prepared to give you the money I have saved for any tale you choose to concoct.
It took him some time to concoct his telegram, and put it into cypher.
The reporter, armed with this information, proceeded to concoct a legend.
As we had plenty of meat he was able to concoct as much broth as I could consume.
I think it possible that I may concoct with it some scheme for our return.
"But you must concoct something with more staying power," he went on.
You want to gain time so that you can concoct the blackest lies.
The Comanche also concoct an intoxicating drink from this bean.
He claims it will soothe any nervesthe way he can concoct it.
Brother, you have picked up these phrases in some novel you concoct in your garret.


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