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  1. существительное
    • компас; буссоль

      points of the compass — страны света

      wireless compass — радиокомпас

    • окружность, круг

      to fetch /to cast, to go, to set, to take/ a compass — идти обходным путём, делать крюк

    • предел, граница (о времени и пространстве)

      within the compass of prison walls — за тюремными стенами

      within the compass of a lifetime — в пределах человеческой жизни

      to keep one's desires within compass — сдерживать свои желания

      within [beyond] one's compass /the compass of one's powers/ — в пределах [за пределами] чьих-л. возможностей

    • pl. циркуль (тж. pair of compasses)

    • муз. диапазон (голоса или инструмента)

  2. прилагательное
    • полукруглый

      compass window — стрельчатое окно; полукруглый эркер

    • спец. компасный

      compass bearing — а) компасный азимут, компасный пеленг; б) направление по компасу

      compass card — шкала текущего курса (на навигационном приборе)

      compass course /heading/ — компасный курс

      compass point — румб

  3. глагол
    • окружать

      the lake is compassed by a ring of mountains — озеро лежит в кольце гор

    • воен. осаждать

    • обращаться, делать витки

      the cosmonauts compassed the Earth many times — космонавты сделали много витков вокруг Земли

      the ship wherein Magellan compassed world — корабль, на котором Магеллан совершил кругосветное путешествие

    • книжн. достигать, осуществлять

      to compass one's purpose — достичь цели

    • книжн. замышлять, затевать

      to compass murder — замышлять убийство

    • книжн. схватывать, понимать

      forebodings of ill that cannot be compassed — дурные предчувствия, которые ничем нельзя объяснить, смутное предчувствие беды

  • компас
electronic compass – электронный компас
  • диапазон
  • окружать
  • полукруглый
  • компасный
compass needle – компасная стрелка

Примеры использования

Explorers used the compass to find their way to the island.
Holding his compass in his hand, the boy scout used it to determine which way was north.
Even though the compass arrow pointed south, the mountaineer thought he was close to the river.
Before the compass was invented, sailors had to use the stars to find the direction of their destinations.
The round compass was placed in the emergency bag so that the campers had a tool to use in case they got lost.
But, nerved as he was by desperation, he found the task greater than he could compass.
The rock is very magnetic, and the compass is quite useless.
I was tired of trying to steer a course for myself, with no compass to go by.
This fact is sustained by evidences teeming upon us from every point of the compass.
We were without a compass, and steered by the direction of the wind and sea.
And what the word means, in its full horror, only a child can compass.
Thus the Barnacles were all over the world, in every direction—despatch-boxing the compass.
I knew it was something connected with a point of the compass and a door.
Once or twice he consulted Uncle Ben, and as often glanced at his compass.
Can he compass his spirit with meekness, and strangle a natural oath?


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