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  1. прилагательное
    • общительный, приятный в обществе; приветливый

  • общительный
  • товарищеский

Примеры использования

In the social circle he is companionable, but not a very good conversationalist.
An old dictionary would have been to the full as companionable.
It must be close upon the hour of their waning, yet how big and soft; and how companionable!
It separated me so far from these beautiful, companionable beings.
They are stout folk, kind and companionable, and they do not love masters.
But they were not all invalids, and formed a bright, companionable party.
The fresh air that has made Stephen Wonham fresh and companionable and strong.
The walls are companionable things, but there is no companionship in distance.
He was turning on her a glance of the companionable and persuasive manner.
What if the new girls proved to be neither likable nor companionable?


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