communicative Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • общительный, разговорчивый; коммуникабельный, контактный

    • относящийся к средствам массовой информации

    • коммуникационный; коммуникативный

      communicative format — информ. коммуникативный формат

  • общительный
  • коммуникативный
communicative function – коммуникативная функция

Примеры использования

The suspect the police arrested was very communicative, ready to answer all of their questions to avoid getting in more trouble.
The news outlet was searching for someone communicative to interview that would answer all of their questions about the tornado that had hit the town recently.
A communicative individual is more likely to be cooperative and informative when you ask them questions.
Unfortunately for the FBI, the criminal they were interrogating was not very communicative, and he didn’t answer a single one of their questions.
If you want to get information on some sort of event you weren’t present for, your best bet is to find a communicative witness willing to talk about the event.
When he returned home, tired, in the evening, he was not communicative.
They must wait until the communicative spirit should move him.
Mr. Gladstone in the House was voluble, eloquent, communicative.
During the march through the woods the Indians were not communicative.
But you cannot deny that you have not been communicative, Kirylo Sidorovitch.
Men in general may be divided into the inquisitive and the communicative.
Art is communicative, but not surely a communication of nothing.
Wallace crept into bed beside his communicative bedfellow in silence.
I was the only one of them who had not been communicative with her.
There remain two instincts,—the communicative and the inquisitive.


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