communal Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • общинный

      communal land — общинная земля

    • коммунальный, общественный

      communal kitchens — общественные столовые (для безработных и т. п.)

      communal flat — коммунальная квартира

    • относящийся к коммуне

    • (Communal) ист. относящийся к Парижской Коммуне

    • относящийся к религиозным или национальным общинам

      communal trouble — стычки /вражда/ между общинами /группами населения/ (по национальному или религиозному вопросу)

  • общий
communal dining room – общий обеденный зал
communal prayer – совместная молитва
communal mind – коллективный разум
  • общинный
communal land – общинная земля
communal apartment – коммунальная квартира
tariffs for communal services – тарифы на коммунальные услуги
  • общественный
communal ownership – общественная собственность

Примеры использования

The communal pool at the community center is open to everyone that lives in the neighborhood.
There is a communal shelter in town that is open to any member of the community that may need its services.
In America, communal property is very rare because few people want their property to be available to everyone in the community.
In third world countries, many villages are communal in nature, sharing everything with everyone for the good of the whole community.
There is going to be a communal service at church today that is open to everyone in town, though it is unlikely that so many people will show.
She's such a good girl, she was learning so nicely at the Communal School!
Communal: applied to life or dwelling in colonies like ants and bees.
The first fields and crops were communal, and the result was disastrous.
Again the handy cop in the communal center set her upon her way.
Sacrifices might be individual or communal, occasional or periodical.
In 1880 the communal impositions on land represented a taxation of about 6s.
The family as subversive of true socialistic and communal unity is to be annihilated.
At the head of their communal government were the usual three officers,—the gobernador, the capitan de la guerra, and the cacique.
There you will see what man can produce when he works in common for communal production.
A steady shrinkage has drawn in the margins of this communal life.


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