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  1. существительное
    • командир, начальник; командующий

      commander of an expedition — начальник экспедиции

      commander of the guard — начальник караула

      commander in charge — а) исполняющий обязанности командира; б) руководитель операции

    • коммандер (ВМС США); ≅ командир корабля, капитан 1-го ранга

    • кавалер ордена 3-й степени (в Великобритании)

  • командир
field commander – полевой командир
tank platoon commander – командир танкового взвода
deputy company commander – заместитель командира роты
battle group commander – командир боевой группы
crew commander – командир экипажа
fleet commander – командующий флотом
commander lewis – коммандер льюис
great military commander – великий полководец
grand commander – великий командор
  • начальник
camp commander – начальник лагеря

Примеры использования

The commander ordered the troops to turn back and leave the area.
Although he didn’t have an attack plan, the commander knew he had to make a move quickly.
Each commander is in charge of a group of men who have volunteered to serve in the war.
Screaming at the cadets, the commander ordered the men to give him fifty pushups.
The commander will retire this year after twenty years as a military leader.
Six months more passed, and still no tidings of the ship or its commander.
He looked more like a clerk from a grocery store than the commander of an army.
Yates bade good-by to the commander, and walked with his friend out of the camp.
He was in the fight, and boarded with Decatur, but did not save his commander's life.
The commander still sat on his saddle under the beech-tree where I had left him.
This letter was written in terms of great asperity to the Danish commander.
The commander of one of the French divisions acted like a generous enemy.
Nelson soon assured the Austrian commander that this was not the object of his memorial.
Commander Jowclas blew his brains out after losing heavily at play.
The commander did what he could to bring me to a rational state of mind.


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