clear-cut Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

[klɪə kʌt]
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  1. глагол
    • лес. производить сплошную вырубку

  2. прилагательное
    • ясно очерченный; чёткий, определённый; рельефный

      clear-cut path to the future — ясный путь к будущему

      clear-cut policy — чёткая политическая линия, определённый политический курс

      I want everything quite clear-cut — я хочу, чтобы всё было совершенно ясно

  • сплошная рубка
  • четкий

Примеры использования

His clear-cut features, always handsome, were grand in sleep.
He flung back his head, and there was defiance in every line of his clear-cut face.
He hesitated, but when his words came they were clear-cut and stern.
His English was not thick, but all clear-cut, as though it came from a phonograph.
These were not clear-cut problems of the kind he had been dealing with all his life.
There was no clear-cut line, just the difference in what you could see through it.
Scrutinizing her closely, amazement began to dawn on his clear-cut features.
And I should be avoiding my clear-cut duty if I did not take this task in hand myself.
I then and there will proclaim in clear-cut words my loyalty to Washington.
And—the clear-cut white lines of him rose in her memory and stayed there.


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