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  1. существительное
    • уборка, чистка

    • очистка, зачистка

    • полицейская облава

    • амер.; разг. прибыль, доход

    • амер.; крим. кража, разбой

    • сброс

    • горн. зачистка забоя

  • очистка
final cleanup – окончательная очистка
general cleanup – генеральная уборка

Примеры использования

Mrs. Cloam will take care of you, and find all that is needful for a warrior's cleanup.
You were responsible for the food, how to ration it as well as preparation and cleanup.
We'll go to fifty thousand dollars or so on a cleanup job, and you use that.
A forty thousand cleanup, Jack, just for a bit of judicious nerve!
We could have made a cleanup and gone into Central with a record that would make their eyes pop out.
These were merely a set-off, I presume, to the chunks of gold he showed us (the size of a fist), each being a week's "cleanup."
Moir and his men would waste no time in the Dead Lands after making their cleanup.
Besides the cleanup features a display of toilet articles and wearing apparel had to be made.
A detail of men were left at Blancheville to cleanup; overtaking the outfit later on single mount.
This cleanup theme isn't bad, it's just peace on earth that doesn't really belong to us you know.

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