cleansing Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • очищающий, дезинфицирующий

      cleansing agent — моющее средство

      cleansing cream — крем для снятия косметики, очищающий крем

  • очищающий
  • очистительный
cleansing enema – очистительная клизма
  • чистка
ethnic cleansing operation – этническая чистка
cleansing ritual – ритуал очищения
cleansing process – процесс очистки

Примеры использования

For a moment there were other duties to be attended to, a clearance and cleansing.
There in front of him, heaving and tumbling, was the sea: a miracle of healing and cleansing.
It seemed to her, too, that she would be helping him by cleansing him a little.
But the old joy, the sense of purity and cleansing, did not come.
She should have left on his face the warm touch of hers and the cleansing of her tears.
"Cleansing fires for that sort of garbage," he said finally.
Then came a visitation from the clear-eyed Mabel and a cleansing of the conscience.
It may usually be deemed to be the final process of cleansing.
Instead of cleansing the garment, it tears it, and renders it useless for this life.
Rasputin was killed for the purpose of cleansing Russia of the dark forces.


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