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  1. глагол
    • очищать; чистить, делать чистым

      to cleanse the soul — очищать душу

      to cleanse of wickedness — рел. очистить от скверны

    • излечивать

      his leprosy was cleansed — он излечился от проказы

    • дезинфицировать, очищать

      to cleanse a wound — очищать /дезинфицировать/ рану

    • очищать желудок (слабительным)

  • очищать
cleanse the lepers – очищать прокаженных
cleansed skin – очищенная кожа
  • дезинфицировать
  • смыть

Примеры использования

A lack of laundry detergent made it hard to cleanse the clothing inside the washing machine.
Gagging from the smell, the housekeeper tried to find a way to cleanse the sour kitchen mop.
Saying a sincere prayer, the woman asked the Lord to cleanse her heart of any sins or wrongdoings.
According to the label, the juice is supposed to cleanse your body of any toxins left over from bad eating habits.
I used a gentle soap to cleanse my face and remove my makeup after a long day at work.
I was about to cleanse your body, and to clear it of its bad humours.
And it wanted only a dozen purgatives to cleanse it entirely.
We have forgotten that water can cleanse, and fire purify, and that the Earth is mother to us all.
It's surely time to drive her out of the temple, and cleanse it a little.
Cleanse me from the sin of worldly vanity that troubles me!'
Come and enter into me and cleanse me from all sin and save and bless my soul.
That my tears must cleanse a foul nation, my lamb be a sacrifice?
Then he tried to cleanse the face from the mud and the rain and the tears.
Well, after that, Ischomachus, we will proceed to cleanse the corn by winnowing.
Will it cause the women to wash themselves and cleanse their houses?


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