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  1. существительное
    • чистка, уборка; очистка

      the cleaning of the streets — уборка улиц

    • с.-х. сортирование, отсортировка (семян)

    • с.-х. прореживание, «проверка» (всходов)

    • горн. обогащение

    • осветление

    • очистка

  2. прилагательное
    • очищающий, очистительный

      cleaning rod — шомпол

      cleaning crop — с.-х. почвоочищающая культура

  • очистка
air cleaning system – система очистки воздуха
general cleaning – генеральная уборка
dry cleaning – химическая чистка
deep cleaning – глубокое очищение
  • мойка
window cleaning – мойка окон
cleaning floors – мытье полов
  • чистота
  • обогащение
  • очистительный
cleaning machine – очистительная машина
cleaning equipment – уборочный инвентарь
  • клининговый
cleaning company – клининговая компания
  • чистящий

Примеры использования

He preferred to do this, rather than to go at once to work at the sweeping and cleaning.
Hubert was occupied the whole forenoon in cleaning the front of the old building.
Then, oiling and cleaning it, he took some cartridges and set up a mark to shoot at.
All you know is that Fyles wants to send me down, by way of cleaning up this valley.
Recreation: Filling his fountain pen or cleaning typewriter.
The seasons for cleaning up are usually determined by the danger of theft.
The charwoman was cleaning the kitchen and now she's out in the hall.
I did this from life at a friend's house, and I am cleaning it a bit.'
He lived on his steps, cleaning up his backgrounds until dark.
Hence they may be employed in cleaning books which have been defaced by writing on the margin, without impairing the text.


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