clarify Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • очищать; делать прозрачным (воздух, жидкость и т. п.); процеживать

    • очищаться; становиться прозрачным

    • разъяснять, пояснять

      clarify your meaning — поясните свою мысль; объясните, что вы хотите сказать

    • вносить ясность (в отношения и т. п.)

      to clarify disputes — улаживать споры

  • прояснить
clarify things – прояснить ситуацию
  • очищать
  • уточнить
clarify the concept – уточнить понятие
clarify the relationship – выяснить отношения
  • выяснять

Примеры использования

Because our instructor was so unclear, I had to continually ask him to clarify and repeat what he was saying.
I must clarify that I never intended to offend anyone with my words.
Kevin asked me to create a report that would clarify to his constituents what his position on gun was.
We are waiting for the government to clarify whether they intend to free the spy or not because they have been very vague about it.
Judge Roberts made sure to clarify the meaning of the legalize terminology because he realized that the audience would not understand.
If not perfectly bright after straining, you may clarify it in this manner.
See if your stock jellies, by trying it on ice before you clarify.
Then add all the other ingredients and clarify (see To clear Jellies).
Two minutes is quite sufficient to set the egg and clarify the jelly.
If we cannot hope to clarify it to the comprehension of the average, we may at least do so for some.
Jakob, as usual, had some dried fish skin with him to clarify the coffee.
The meaning of this paradoxical situation is not easy to clarify.
Possibly in that sleep the dream may come which will clarify the whole situation.
I wish you would talk to her, and let her clarify your ideas.
We need to clarify our ideals, and enliven our vision of perfection.


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