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  1. прилагательное
    • гражданский; относящийся к гражданам или гражданству

      civil liberties — гражданские права /свободы/

      civil rights [duties] — права [обязанности] граждан

      civil manhood — гражданское мужество

    • штатский, гражданский, невоенный; цивильный, партикулярный

      civil aviation — гражданская авиация

      to enter civil life — демобилизоваться, уйти из армии

    • юр. гражданский (не уголовный)

      civil case [law] — гражданское дело [право]

      civil suit — гражданский процесс /-ое дело/

      civil justice — гражданское судопроизводство

      civil registration — запись /регистрация/ актов гражданского состояния

      civil official — чиновник бюро записей актов гражданского состояния

    • церк. мирской

      civil righteousness — праведность мирянина (а не святого)

      civil marriage — гражданский брак (не церковный)

    • календарный (о месяце, годе)

      civil day — календарные сутки

    • вежливый; корректный

      to keep a civil tongue (in one's head) — держаться в рамках приличия, быть вежливым, учтивым

      his answer was civil but not inviting — его ответ был корректным, но не располагал к продолжению разговора

    • цивилизованный

  • гражданский
civil right – гражданское право
international civil aviation – международная гражданская авиация
new civil code – новый гражданский кодекс
civil emergency planning – гражданское чрезвычайное планирование
civil air transport – гражданский воздушный транспорт
civil disobedience campaign – кампания гражданского неповиновения
civil defense organization – организация гражданской обороны
civil funeral rites – гражданская панихида
civil engineering construction – гражданское строительство
  • вежливый
civil question – вежливый вопрос
  • цивилизованный
  • строительный
civil engineer – строительный инженер
  • цивильный
civil list – цивильный лист

Примеры использования

We insisted that both parties begin to interact in a decent and civil way, despite all their years of fighting.
The maniac ran around naked, without the slightest regard for civil behavior.
Josh was civil and well mannered, but he was not overly friendly.
While I was impressed with the civil manner with which the foreigner interfered with the locals, I did not like his somewhat cocky attitude.
My barber is civil and well dressed, giving off an air of professionalism.
In 1875 he was created an honorary member of the Institution of Civil Engineers.
When a man makes a fair offer, it's no more 'n civil to close with it.
If it is the crown of sex to be desired, here you have it, under seal of the civil bond.
Let him remember that he is also a man; and let his manner be manly as well as civil.
But I wouldn't value all one pin's pint, if it was kind and civil she was to me.
You're as blind as most folks were five years before the Civil War.
Yet he is not possessed of the civil rights which citizenship should carry with it.
In the following century came the three sieges of the Civil War.
“I can walk,” he said, with a little friendly laugh to the civil driver.
It might be thought that I would have a right to civil answers here.


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