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  1. существительное
    • фарфор (материал)

      egg-shell china — китайский /очень тонкий/ фарфор

    • фарфоровые изделия; фарфоровая посуда (фарфоровая и фаянсовая); чайные и обеденные сервизы

    • амер. сл. зубы

      to break china — взбудоражить, вызвать переполох

  2. прилагательное
    • фарфоровый

      china vase — фарфоровая ваза

    • посудный

  • кит
part of china – часть кита
  • Китай
  • фарфор
  • китайский
  • фарфоровый

Примеры использования

I am to go on a sailing-vessel to China, to be gone two years.
When China is a nation, her people will be no longer a "yellow peril."
On top of the barrel was a tin coffeepot, a china cup, and half a loaf of bread.
My plan was to quit her in China, and to remain beyond the Capes for ever.
For every box of opium sold, the mate got a china dollar as a perquisite.
I shall, as sure as fate, be too late for the china auction.
Scald your china or silver pot, and pour the coffee into it.
Yet there are other powers who are not "ohai band" (of the brotherhood)—China, for instance.
Detach the oysters from their shells and put then into china shells with their own liquor.
Besides, it will be a great advantage to have a man connected with the china trade in with us.'

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