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  1. существительное
    • вождь (племени)

    • шотл. вождь или наследственный глава клана

    • поэт. военачальник, полководец

    • атаман (разбойников)

    • часто ирон. «хозяин», руководитель; заправила

      labour chieftains — профсоюзные боссы

  • вождь
tribal chieftain – племенной вождь

Примеры использования

He was the chieftain of a clan that spread over Down and Antrim.
The next moment the chieftain entered and glared fiercely at Siegmund.
For this are you ill, in order to punish your father, because our chieftain the axe is angry.
But there was something of the chieftain, something of the prophet, about him.
He is described as a chieftain standing in a chariot drawn by two horses.
But he did have an idea that if he could somehow get word to the old Id chieftain help could be had.
Had it not been for the chieftain, the black rat might have regained the run.
Among rats the chieftain is, of necessity, pluperfect master of defence.
When any affront was offered to a chieftain, the clan was instantly summoned.
A chieftain might be cruel to his enemies, but never to his friends.

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