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  1. прилагательное
    • разг. элегантный, эффектный, изысканный

      this is a chic hat — в этой шляпке есть шик

      chic appearance — эффектная внешность

      it was very chic for him to resign — отставка была красивым жестом с его стороны

  2. существительное
    • разг. шик; элегантность; изысканность

      radical chic — амер. щеголяние радикализмом (в среде буржуазной интеллигенции)

  • шикарный
chic style – шикарный стиль
  • шик
urban chic – городской шик

Примеры использования

The chic heels will go perfectly with my stylish dress.
Because I knew the accessories were very chic and in the latest style, I didn’t mind paying a high price for them.
The fashion critics praised the young woman’s chic outfit.
When Simon makes over his thirty-year-old restaurant, he plans to give it a chic modern look.
Sarah believes she will need chic clothes to fit in at the private school.
She was gowned, too, with a chic nicety to arouse the envy of all less-fortunate women.
She was very charming, my friend Hortense, but she troubled about nothing that was not chic.
Dolly has a great many friends in Paris, and so has Dad, and so has Chic.
It is not representation of nature at all, but pure formula and chic.
If it were chic to be devout, no doubt they would pass their life on their knees.
If they be chic, and marry well, I for one shall ask no more of them.
It came to be the chic and proper thing to appear at them in shades of mauve or purple.
The millinery I caught a peep at looked too chic for a grandmother.
He bought two chic Pompadour statuettes to adorn his drawing-room.
There's nothing cheerful, there's no chic to it; there are no live and vivifying sounds in it.


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