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  1. прилагательное
    • бодрый; оживлённый; живой

      cheery smile — радостная улыбка

    • радующий, радостный; ободряющий

      cheery cup — бодрящая чара

    • слишком уж приветливый; панибратский

  • веселый
cheery music – веселая музыка
cheery voice – бодрый голос
  • оживленный

Примеры использования

"Here's where we shine," broke in a cheery voice which was sweet to the ears, just then.
And so Michaelis dreams of a world like a beautiful and cheery hospital.
Tony Cornish had a cheery way with him which made other men talk.
Her cheery partner was paddling his rosy brows with a fine handkerchief.
Close beside us the lights of the town gleamed yellow and cheery.
Silence, broken only by the chirp of the cheery little teakettle.
This is a bright, cheery tale with the scenes laid in Indiana.
She turned to see Captain Obed Bangs' cheery face peering in at her.
And, like the bird that sings at midnight, her cheery soul sang in its darkness.
And then the cheery sunshine of the cosy room began to fade away.

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