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Примеры использования

Ponds in the scrub could not easily be identified as channels.
We are channels through which truth must flow to our patients.
Why, my Masters, it can not as much as purge its own channels.
Channels for water are formed at right angles to the ridges.
There is power over and behind us, and we are the channels of its communications.
And there are other pleasures, those named of Aphrodite, of which the channels are well known.
Outside, the water was streaming down the channels into the fall.
But it won't be an end of it, my dear, for there are plenty of channels besides Weedon Moore.
"There are plenty of channels," said Madame Beattie, with an unmoved authority.
There is a big flat there cut up by channels, and it is said to be a fine ground for bonefish.


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