celebrity Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • известность, слава

    • преим. ирон. знаменитость (о человеке)

  • знаменитость
local celebrity – местная знаменитость
real celebrity – настоящая звезда
  • известность
  • знаменитый человек
  • известный
celebrity chef – знаменитый повар
  • звездный
celebrity status – звездный статус

Примеры использования

But those who are caught in the clutches of celebrity at the age of twenty know nothing.
Judge Andrews gave immediate promise of celebrity as an advocate.
But let Celebrity stand there and enjoy her hour; to-morrow the Ploughman will come.
Celebrity has fallen on me at last, though, and I'm to go at Easter.
He may have become a celebrity, a rich man,—Heaven knows what.
There was, however, a celebrity once inhabited that small cottage before us.
Zoe was a European celebrity, known and recognized by every one.
The fair Countess had been the celebrity of that city for many a day.
She found that celebrity alone, and opened fire on him at once.
The superstition of those times was also made to contribute to its celebrity.


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