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  1. существительное
    • церк. собор; кафедральный собор

      cathedral of science — храм науки

  2. прилагательное
    • церк. соборный; кафедральный

      cathedral church — кафедральный собор; соборная церковь

      cathedral epistle — соборное послание

    • книжн., ирон. исходящий свыше (об указании и т. п.); непререкаемый, непреложный

    • до полу (о женской верхней одежде)

  • собор
majestic cathedral – величественный собор
cathedral on red square – собор на красной площади
cathedral of saint john – собор святого иоанна
  • соборный
cathedral bell – соборный колокол

Примеры использования

The Cathedral itself was only a great black bar in the West.
It was at her right hand, in the second story of a house at the side of the Cathedral.
It is full of suggestiveness, and, in its way, is as good as a cathedral.
Venerable's not a nice word to use about anything except a cathedral.
The 'bus was now rolling over London Bridge, and the Cathedral could not be seen.
The Eastern end of the Cathedral does not impress the beholder.
John felt giddy as he looked down on the floor of the Cathedral.
There was very little to see at Strasburg except the cathedral at this time.
"Yes, they are singing of the prince in the cathedral," said Barbara, sadly.
The chimes (he could hear none but those of the Cathedral) were heralding the hour of seven.


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