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  1. существительное
    • резьба, резной орнамент; резное изображение

    • резная работа; резьба

    • выпиливание

    • резка, нарезка; разрезание

    • нарезание (ростбифа, дичи и т. п.)

    • спец. разделка (туши)

  • резьба
stone carving – резьба по камню
  • резная работа
  • вырезание
  • резаный поворот
  • резной
bone carving – резная кость
  • карвинговый

Примеры использования

It was only when coming back, carving knife and fork in hand, that she spoke again.
In carving a round of beef, slice it horizontally and very thin.
It is characteristic of this style that the carving is not so deep as in the previous work.
The carving of the woodwork of these erections is often very elaborate.
There is not a vestige nor indication of carving or decoration of any sort or kind.
In carving a pike, if the back and belly be slit up, and each slice drawn gently downwards, fewer bones will be given at table.
It was an old stone and the inscription and carving were interesting.
"Only wait till I've done the carving, and we'll all start fair," said Davy.
The carving and modelling of many of them were extremely good.
I'll mix you another if you'll allow me while you're carving.


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