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  1. существительное
    • ласк. кролик, зайчик

    • амер. белочка

    • разг. кошечка, киска, зайчик (о девушке)

    • карман, гнездо

  • кролик
happy bunny – счастливый кролик
little bunny – маленький зайчик
chocolate bunny – шоколадный заяц
  • зайка

Примеры использования

It isn't a Bunny Hug or Tango, or anything distracting for lookers-on.
For the moment she had forgotten Nelly's offences, and only remembered that she had been Bunny's friend.
He had sent home a beautiful mug of beaten silver for Bunny.
Presently the luncheon-hour was over and Bunny had been carried off for his afternoon's outing.
She was not going to see Bunny and his mother again, not for a long time at least.
There had been a little shadow over her brightness even while she had watched Bunny.
"'Cause I can peg at them any time," Bunny answered, with a laugh.
"He could maybe eat icicles if he wanted to," Bunny had answered.
Don't stop to tell them what it's for, or Bunny may smother.
Bunny said, as his mother and uncle turned to go into the house.


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