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  1. существительное
    • употр. с гл. во мн. ч.

    • бриджи (тж. a pair of breeches)

    • разг. брюки

      breeches part — театр. мужская роль, исполняемая женщиной; роль травести

      to wear the breeches — а) обладать мужским характером; б) верховодить в доме, держать мужа под башмаком

  • штаны
baggy breeches – мешковатые штаны

Примеры использования

I'll get a pair of ridin' breeches an' boots for you by tomorrow.
Pierre, utterly bewildered, could find neither his breeches nor his cassock.
The man hath a straight sword within he leg of his breeches.
Then came the ominous clicking of the breeches as cartridges were thrust home.
It is an excrescence, not an essential garment like the shirt and breeches.
His lordship threw off his dressing-gown and stood forth in shirt and breeches.
Femoralia magistri—the breeches of the master, or the masters breeches.
She turned to Rotherby, who stood there in shirt and breeches and shoeless, as he had fought.
I grabbed for Jud, and my fingers caught the knee of his breeches.
Eric had worn his breeches a long while before he put them on for the first time.


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