breadth Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • ширина

      the room is six feet in breadth — ширина комнаты шесть футов

    • полотнище; определённая ширина (ткани, линолеума и т. п.)

      a breadth of cloth — полотнище ткани

    • широта (кругозора, интересов и т. п.)

      breadth of mind — широта ума

    • иск. широта трактовки, художественное обобщение

    • несдержанность, вольность, свобода (в разговоре, поведении)

      too much breadth in his behaviour — ≅ он слишком много себе позволяет

    • тех. просвет, пролёт

      by a hair's breadth — нисколько, совсем не

      it won't shake my belief in him by a hair's breadth — это нисколько не поколеблет мою веру в него

      by /within/ a hair's breadth of smth. — на волосок от чего-л.

      he was within a hair's breadth of being run over by a car — его чуть не переехала машина

      to a hair's breadth — точь-в-точь, в точности

  • ширина
extreme breadth – наибольшая ширина
  • широта
breadth of views – широта взглядов
  • полотнище
  • размах
  • ширь
  • широкий размах

Примеры использования

The gossip quickly spanned the breadth of the school building.
Because of the baseball, the entire breadth of the window was cracked.
His intimidating form filled the breadth of the doorway.
The young many expressed that there was no breadth he wouldn’t travel to see his love.
Desperately in need of renovation, the breadth of the old building was crumbling.
It is difficult for me to fix positively the breadth of this Pass.
Betty believed that she did not change countenance by a hair's breadth.
For one of his shafts missed the mark by the breadth of two fingers.
They have length, and breadth, and outline: have they nothing to do with depth?
You got it up over the length and breadth of this whole land.
Its breadth is from thirty to forty yards, and its depth from one to three yards.
For a print, from the mode of inking, has a breadth and unity which the drawing never can have.
The mountains could be seen as clearly as though they were but a hand's-breadth away.
I have lost no old likings or dislikings; my memory has not failed me by a hair's-breadth.
He had learned it in all its truth and breadth since we last parted.


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