bourgeoisie Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • буржуазия

      petty bourgeoisie — мелкая буржуазия

  • буржуазия
petty bourgeoisie – мелкая буржуазия
  • буржуазный

Примеры использования

Despairing of the noblesse he went among the bourgeoisie with that hope.
Everything is settled between the clergy, the nobility, and the bourgeoisie.
He alone will force the bourgeoisie to their knees and establish the rule of the people.
He used to say that the bourgeoisie, the smug, overfed lot, had killed them.
We answered the distress call of the Cadets and the bourgeoisie!
For the bourgeoisie in Bavaria dislike Prussia as much as the communists dislike her.
Like the bourgeoisie, he was dressed in black, that is to say, in mourning.
It was not long before the stiff veneer of bourgeoisie which bored me had worn off.
In England it is the bourgeoisie who rule the country and stand in the light of Labour.
The Turbots were never so closely connected with the bourgeoisie.


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