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  1. прилагательное
    • благословенный; освящённый; священный

    • (Blessed) церк. блаженный (первая ступень канонизации)

      the Blessed Trinity — Святая Троица

    • счастливый, блаженный

      these were the blessed days — это были счастливые дни

      the blessed ones — рел. блаженные

    • приносящий радость

      the blessed rain followed a drought — после засухи прошёл благословенный дождь

    • сл. эмоц.-усил. проклятый, чёртов

      what a blessed nuisance — какая ужасная скука

      the whole blessed lot — вся компания

      every blessed one — все до одного

  2. существительное
    • собир. блаженные, счастливые

  • благословенный
blessed saviour – благословенный спаситель
blessed isles – блаженные острова
  • счастливый
  • благословенный
blessed lord – благословенный господь
  • благословляемый

Примеры использования

The newlywed’s marriage was blessed by the local pastor as a holy union.
Ever since I was small, we have blessed the food and gave thanks to God before we eat.
The priest blessed the water, consecrating it and making it holy in the eyes of God.
A Polish priest blessed the infant with holy water during the dedication ceremony.
After her convincing the parishioners that the oil was blessed with healing powers, the fraudulent minister sold the ordinary vile to the highest bidder.
"Oh, blessed be the sound of your voice," replied the peasant.
How ungrateful to that God, who blessed them with such talents!
But for her it was a blessed release, and we can only be thankful.
She'll be here this blessed day as I'm speakin' to you, miss!
The blessed Savior was persecuted in his very infancy and had to be hid by his parents.
Out of your bed and down on your knees to your own blessed father, and confess your sins.
But how blessed a thing that God will judge us and man shall not!
We have yet learned but little of the blessed power of death.
The church seemed empty to them, as the Blessed Sacrament was no longer there.
"It's on a string round me neck this blessed minute," said Katy.


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