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  1. существительное
    • важная персона, «шишка»

  • шишка

Примеры использования

And now and again some Bigwig versed in science murmured the word 'Fats.'
This he said to his private secretary, who came to notice the arrival of some bigwig.
Once a year some 'bigwig' comes from Bangalore to review them.
On the present occasion he welcomed Arkady with all the bonhomie, all the jocosity, of an "enlightened" bigwig.
And abruptly changing the subject, he talked of pictures to the pleasant Bigwig in the sleepy afternoon.
A bigwig, with an inordinate ambition to become a minister, (p. 276) invited him to dinner.
Matvei Ilyitch was just such a bigwig, although he called himself a Liberal.
He heard me out, looked at my deceased poppies, and arranged a conference with a bigwig from the State Department.
I am told he is a professor, orator, and author, whose ambition makes him the slave of every bigwig.
"I bet you've drawn that Chinese bigwig that's booked from here," said the captain, grinning.

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