befitting Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • подходящий

      in a befitting way — надлежащим /должным/ образом

  • подходящий
  • приличествующий

Примеры использования

Many people do not believe short dresses are befitting for women over the age of forty.
In my opinion, there is no cheeseburger befitting a fifty-dollar price tag.
William’s behavior is not befitting that of a future king.
Because Matthew is a senior vice-president, he feels he should own a luxury car befitting a high level executive.
As a mother, I prefer to see my daughter wearing clothes befitting a proper young lady.
So likewise it was befitting women to be chaste and refined, and to endure.
Befitting best that sex, whose sphere of action is in the heart.
The measure must be of sonorous dignity, befitting the subject.
The pose is simple and majestic, as befitting the portrait of an Emperor.
It is not befitting my maiden dignity, and I know my mother would not approve.
He hurried away, trying his best to cover a smile with a befitting dignity.
They have been called noble and masterly, and the words are befitting.
Perhaps no such vision for the befitting in expression has ever existed.
Two things, however, must be kept in view, the practicable and the befitting.
"An idle threat, and one befitting what I have heard of you," said he.


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