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  1. прилагательное
    • неуклюжий, неловкий; нескладный

      awkward gait — неуклюжая походка

      he is still an awkward skater — он ещё плохо держится на льду

      to be awkward in one's speech [in one's movements] — с трудом говорить [двигаться]

      to be awkward with one's hands — не знать, куда девать руки

      the child is still awkward with a spoon and fork — ребёнок ещё плохо справляется с ложкой и вилкой

    • неудобный

      awkward door [handle, step] — неудобная дверь [ручка, ступенька]

      the machine is awkward to handle — на этой машине трудно работать

    • неловкий, неудобный; затруднительный

      awkward situation — затруднительное или неловкое положение

      awkward question — неуместный, нелепый вопрос

      awkward time — неудобное время

      awkward pause — неловкое молчание

      to feel awkward with smb. — чувствовать себя неловко с кем-л.

    • разг. опасный; трудный (часто о человеке)

      awkward blow — опасный удар

      awkward customer — а) опасный тип; б) опасная тварь (о собаке и т. п.)

      an awkward corner to turn — опасный поворот

      don't be awkward, we have to get this finished by 5 o'clock — не выдумывай /не капризничай/, эту работу мы должны закончить к пяти часам

  • неловкий
awkward situation – неловкая ситуация
awkward posture – неудобная поза
awkward attempt – неуклюжая попытка
  • затруднительный
awkward position – затруднительное положение
awkward age – трудный возраст
  • несуразный
  • неумелый
awkward hand – неумелая рука

Примеры использования

Meeting the in-laws for the first time created an awkward situation for me since nobody knew what to say.
Due to being overcrowded, I was forced to stand in an awkward position so that everyone could fit into the room.
Cindy noticed John’s nervousness during their awkward conversation about their upcoming date on Saturday.
The hooded man’s awkward presence in the room made everyone feel uneasy and suspicious.
Every new student has an awkward first day when they usually don’t know where they are going and sit alone at lunch.
"It's the way you're treating me," he cried, with a clumsy man's awkward attempt at gesture.
The situation was awkward, and awkwardly he got himself out of it.
Never in my life did I feel so awkward as then, and it was not strange that you ridiculed me so.
In spite of the awkward sun helmet she carried her head imperiously.
The sheep were to be washed and sheared, too, and the awkward, weak-kneed calves to be fed.
He was awkward in his gestures; his arms were too short and his face common.
Everybody had heard the amiable but awkward speech of the Baron.
Tom still hesitated for he felt that he was in an awkward position.
"Should like to know the extent of your interest," muttered Roden, with his awkward laugh.
But when I tried in some awkward way to say this Harry cut me short.


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