autoclave Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • автоклав

  • автоклав
glass autoclave – стеклянный автоклав
  • автоклавный

Примеры использования

Remove the apparatus from the autoclave, and allow it to cool.
An autoclave combined with vacuum chambers and other devices that sterilized and canned milk or other liquid dairy products.
The lower the pressure in the autoclave, the lighter will be the colour of the resultant fatty acids.
The author found that in an autoclave of the type shown in Fig. 81 it required ten minutes for 500 cc.
The method consists in merely charging the autoclave with fats and adding about 30 per cent.
Choosing two vials, he added them to the sterile kit from the autoclave, and took a last look around.
Fix the bucket over a large Bunsen flame and boil for thirty minutes—or boil in the autoclave for a similar period.
Sterilisation by means of superheated steam is carried out in a special boiler—Chamberland's autoclave (Fig. 30).
Heat the whole apparatus in the autoclave at 120° C. for twenty minutes.
Steam applied in an autoclave under a pressure of two atmospheres destroys even the most resistant spores in a few minutes.

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