auspicious Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • благоприятный

      auspicious event [circumstance, beginning, year] — благоприятное событие [обстоятельство, начало, -ый год]

      auspicious moment — удачный момент

    • редк. предсказывающий что-л. хорошее

    • благосклонно настроенный, добрый

    • процветающий

  • благоприятный
auspicious beginning – благоприятное начало

Примеры использования

His brilliant acceptance speech was an auspicious start to his political career.
Everybody knows the end of the year is an auspicious time to buy a car!
Because everyone was happy and feeling generous at the party, it was an auspicious time to ask for charitable donations.
After winning the swimming portion of the triathlon, the athlete seemed well on his way to having an auspicious Olympic debut.
As Janice looked up at the darkening clouds, she realized today was not going to be auspicious for a picnic.
Since his father was a state judge, Henry was born with an auspicious legal career ahead of him.
After his boss praised him for his work on the big project, Sam felt it was an auspicious time to ask for a promotion.
When the president took his oath without missing a word, everyone noted the event as an auspicious occasion.
With an auspicious start, the Jamaican runner was first off the block.
Certainly it was not an auspicious beginning for Scottie Macdougal.
We have begun it under circumstances of the most auspicious nature.
Most of them were dressed for the auspicious occasion when I arrived on the scene.
I find myself even now on this auspicious midnight writing with your words.
Their coming is auspicious, and I am happy to be of service to them.
We arrived in sight of our future home, under most auspicious circumstances.
Surely these days are not auspicious ones for marriages, and surely better will come.
It was a most auspicious moment; they found him in a delirium of joy.
Would that kiss have been given if Fate had been auspicious?
Jean would not hide his talent in a napkin on so auspicious an occasion as this.


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