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  1. глагол
    • достигать, добиваться

      to attain aims [ideals] — достичь цели [идеала]

      to attain freedom — добиться освобождения /свободы/

    • достигать, добираться

      he attained the opposite shore — он достиг противоположного берега

      to attain the top of the mountain — добраться до вершины горы

      sequoia trees attain to a great height — секвойи достигают большой высоты

    • достичь какого-л. возраста, дожить

      he attained the age of ninety — он дожил до девяноста лет

    • (to) приобретать, получать, достигать

      he attained to power [to prosperity] — он достиг власти [благосостояния]

      to attain to man's estate — достичь возмужалости

  • достигать
attain salvation – достигать спасения
attain enlightenment – достигнуть просветления
attain nirvana – достичь нирваны
attain victory – добиться победы
  • обрести
attain immortality – обрести бессмертие
attain liberation – получить освобождение
  • приобрести
  • постичь
  • добивать

Примеры использования

Linda can not attain peace of mind until she finds her missing dog.
Going out for beer every night makes it rather difficult to attain my weight loss goals.
I would not have been able to attain my academic goals without the support and guidance of my professors.
The ideal, or even my own ideal, I shall probably not attain.
And to attain it, we must be aware of its full meaning—and ready to pay its full price.
Every thought was bent to attain the end, no labour was deemed to arduous.
While God's Will may be for our happiness, we can attain to neither the happiness nor the Will—as yet.
I may attain great merit by my struggle, but I cannot make myself a Kant.
We marvel that we had no prescience of these, and that we did not attain to them sooner.
Make me to long only for the beauty of holiness, and to be satisfied if I attain to it.
If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead.
And you have been able to attain to hot food thus quickly because you were prepared.
How many years would you have to pass before you could attain the dignity he has gained?


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