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  1. глагол
    • заглаживать, искупать (вину)

      to atone sin — искупить грех

    • (for) возмещать, компенсировать

      how can I atone for hurting your feelings? — чем я могу загладить ту обиду, которую вам нанёс?

    • арх. примирять; улаживать (ссору)

  • искупать
  • компенсировать

Примеры использования

To atone for racist actions in his youth, the billionaire established a scholarship fund for minority students attending his alma mater.
The manager tried to atone for the bad service by offering me a complimentary dessert.
When the drug caused the man’s death, the manufacturer tried to atone for its mistake by offering the widow two million dollars.
Maggie is trying to atone for her bad behavior last night by acting like an angel today.
Since the teenager was not sincere in court, the storeowner doubted the boy would ever atone for breaking his windows.
Catherine went to confession so the priest could help her atone for her sins.
According to Christians, Jesus died to atone for the sins of all people.
The judge decided the only way the criminal could atone for his heinous crimes was by receiving capital punishment.
Since Jim has made no plans to atone for his financial crimes, the parole board will probably deny his application for an early release.
Jason has to atone for vandalizing the homeless shelter by working in the organization’s kitchen every Saturday for three months.
It is a delight to atone for a fault by obeying your commands.
Torquemada could not have done better; but Khalid, it is hoped, will yet atone for his crimes.
If he had erred, let him at least atone for his error with his blood!
It was a penance she had imposed upon herself to atone for her guilt.
ANN remains, as if carved in atone, her eyes fastened on the strangers.
Each man should atone for his own sin, must atone for his own sin, in order to be freed from it.
The magistrate was not content with that, but made him also atone for other men's sins.
I ask you to pardon me, and let me atone in whatever way you may deem best.
The only way to atone for a wrong deed is to do the next right thing.
She did not know her own mind, and now she would like to atone to him somehow.


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