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  1. прилагательное
    • уверенный

      you may rest assured (that) — вы можете быть уверены /спокойны/; вы можете не беспокоиться

    • самоуверенный, наглый

      assured ignorance — самоуверенное невежество

    • гарантированный, обеспеченный

      assured sale — ком. гарантированная продажа

      assured income — обеспеченный доход /заработок/

      assured destruction — дип., воен. гарантированное уничтожение

      assured inoperability — дип., воен. гарантированная непригодность для боевого применения

    • застрахованный

    • застрахованный, страхователь (лицо или группа лиц, в пользу которых выписан страховой полис)

    • страховая компания, страховщик

  • уверенный
  • самоуверенный
  • гарантированный
  • застрахованный

Примеры использования

The dog groomer assured the dog’s owner that she would be satisfied with the pet’s haircut.
After the mother assured her daughter there were no monsters in the closet, she was able to turn the light out and go to bed.
The doctor assured her nervous patient that the upcoming surgery would be a success.
Because the clients were skeptical about the effectiveness of the product, the saleswoman assured them it was legitimate with a money back guarantee.
My husband assured me he would be home by five, but broke his promise to work extra hours at the job.
But Mr. Paine assured her that letters were likely to be irregular, and there was no ground for alarm.
The captain had assured him that neither his wife nor son knew aught of his savings.
"You grow dearer every minute," she assured them on her last night at home.
And there was a certain something in the sound of them that assured her that they rose in the house.
He would certainly find her at the cottage, Dixon assured him.
Assured that it was only a wife that Timmins lacked, he sighed relief.
The flutter of the departing skirt, as he came into the room, assured him it was one of these.
They had assured a definite proportion, a definite position.
Every man and woman in that place, they assured me, had such a necklet.
I assured her that she should be permitted to light my fire.


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