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Примеры использования

Let me see what my assets will bring when reduced to cash, for this time it shall be a sale.'
The most intangible of assets and the most unescapable of liabilities.
The liabilities thus frankly stated, let us turn to the assets.
"In yer listin' of assets, ye haven't invoiced Maizie," said Landy.
"But there's one of your assets, or weaknesses, that she will not be able to disguise," said Davy earnestly.
The assets, of course, were to be paid pro rata to the depositors.
And then he made a mental inventory of his assets, with sad results.
The copies of our reports are assets and should be realized on.
He declared that a newspaper's enemies were its assets, and the newspaper's liabilities its friends.
I woke up one morning to discover I had no money, no assets.

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