arrive Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • прибывать, приезжать

      all the guests have arrived — все гости уже прибыли

      to arrive in London [at a port] — прибыть в Лондон [в порт]

      the police arrived on /upon/ the scene — на место происшествия прибыла полиция

      sold to arrive — ком. к прибытию (условие сделки при продаже товара, находящегося в пути)

    • достигать (чего-л.), приходить (к чему-л.)

      to arrive at an understanding — достигнуть взаимопонимания

      to arrive at a decision — принять решение

      to arrive at a conclusion — прийти к заключению

    • достигать (обыкн. какого-л. возраста)

      to arrive at the age of twenty — достигнуть двадцати лет

    • наступать (о времени)

      at last the hour arrived — наконец час пришёл /настал/

    • сделать карьеру; добиться успеха, признания

      a genius who had never arrived — гений, не получивший признания

    • эвф. родиться

      her baby arrived during the night — она родила ночью

  • прибывать
arriving aircraft – прибывающее воздушное судно
arrive early – приезжать пораньше
arrive in london – прибыть в лондон
arrive shortly – приехать скоро
arrive in time – прийти вовремя
arrive at school – приходить в школу
arrive directly – поступать непосредственно
  • достигать
  • прилететь
arrive later – прилететь позже

Примеры использования

Let me acknowledge that there was much need of self-persuasion to arrive at this conclusion.
At Antwerp, he happened to arrive at the celebration of the fête in honour of Rubens.
How can I arrive at an opinion unless I go myself, and see what it is like?
He is a lover of truth, and advocates the only way to arrive at it, which is by unfettered thought.
Let me hear from you as soon as you arrive, and in particular tell me what you mean to do with Mainwaring.
They were covered with dust and apparently very glad to arrive.
And when it is finished and you arrive you shall find me, but not at once.
Why, for instance, the charming couple did not arrive at the same moment, and in the same cab?
One could not arrive at all; another not till near daybreak.
And all the time, it had seemed to Anthony, that the man was expecting some one to arrive.


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