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  1. прилагательное
    • живой

      animate nature — живая природа

      animate beings — живые существа

    • одушевлённый, немёртвый

    • оживлённый, воодушевлённый

    • животный, анимальный

  2. глагол
    • оживить, вдохнуть жизнь

    • оживлять; придавать бодрость, давать (новый) импульс, стимул и т. п.

      to animate a lecture with witty remarks — оживлять лекцию остроумными замечаниями

      to animate smb.'s courage — вдохнуть в кого-л. мужество

      a smile animated his face — улыбка оживила его лицо

    • воодушевлять; в вдохновлять; будоражить

      his excitement animated us — его возбуждение передалось нам

      be animated by the best intentions — быть движимым самыми лучшими побуждениями

    • побуждать, подстёгивать к действиям

      animated by religious zeal — побуждаемый религиозным рвением

      the motives which animate this man — мотивы, которыми руководствуется в своих действиях этот человек

    • приводить в действие, в движение

      windmills are animated by the wind — мельницы приводятся в движение силой ветра

    • кино мультиплицировать; создавать мультфильмы (по сказке и т. п.)

  • живой
animate nature – живая природа
  • оживить
animated cursor – анимированный курсор
animate the body – оживлять тело
  • воодушевлять

Примеры использования

Once the upbeat music began, it seemed to animate the toddlers into jumping and dancing all around the room.
Several cups of coffee were the only thing that would animate the handymen enough to begin working on the house.
With a dead crowd, the event planner began to start a chant and throw money in the air in order to animate the people.
If she wanted to animate her dull class, she would need to provide fun educational activities instead of hour-long lectures.
After losing the past five home games, the cheerleaders knew they would have to cheer very loudly so that it would animate the crowd into cheering for the home team.
It was an animate statue to the excellence of good, clean living.
But willingly would I breathe a soul to animate your timidity.
The life here, if not animate, is at least intelligent—and it is not friendly.
No sound escaped her lips; no thought for herself or for others seemed to animate her.
She is nevertheless in the body, and continues to animate it, but she perceives not her own action.
"He has the spirit that should animate every gentleman," said Temple.
They serve, in effect, to animate the machine and give it a pseudo-consciousness.
In addition to fertilizing the earth, water could also animate the dead.
Is not this the spirit which should animate Christians to-day?
He knew something of the spirit which must animate all viceroys.


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