ancestry Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • род, происхождение; родословная

      of French ancestry — родом из Франции

    • древний род

      famous by ancestry — родовитый

    • собир. предки, праотцы, прародители

    • происхождение или история развития явления, идеи, стиля и т. п.

  • происхождение
common ancestry – общее происхождение
  • предки

Примеры использования

His ancestry is among the most honorable known in American society.
If you study your characteristics and talents 26 you find that they repeat those of your ancestry.
We were shunned everywhere by both races from which we trace our ancestry.
Think not I am going to say that you put to shame in any way your ancestry—far from it.
Still, for all this irritating abuse Vulp had only himself and his ancestry to blame.
I envy you what smacks of a race, a name, an ancestry, a lineage.
He had heard of the vast domains of his ancestry, from his cradle.
Historically, we need not accept this identity of the Clemens ancestry.
Clemens, and Phelps too, it seems, felt overshadowed by this ancestry.
It was at once a recognition of himself and his ancestry for generations back.


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