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  1. прилагательное
    • забавный, смешной; занятный; занимательный

  • забавный
amusing story – забавная история
  • презабавный

Примеры использования

As Bobo the Clown entertained the group of three-year olds, it made for an amusing time for everyone.
Due to Aunt Lori’s weeklong visit, we planned several amusing activities to fill the time.
Spoiled Billy had an amusing birthday party, but the happiness wore off when the party was over.
Remembering his amusing prank of switching the salt and sugar always made Ted smirk.
Kevin had quite an amusing experience after riding the new roller coaster for the first time.
The husband in my case was to be an inconvenience, but doubtless an amusing one.
It is amusing to read Tarleton's pompous account of this pursuit.
The girl was amusing enough, and, indeed, a most likable person at her best.
I felt as if I were amusing a nice boy; he hardly came to my shoulder.
And now I have told you almost all that is amusing or instructive in the childhood of Christina.
The company at the table d'hte of the Trois Maures was varied and amusing.
An amusing anecdote is imputed to his sister, Mrs. Homer Page, of Milan.
I shall only look on, and then—Rachel and I have an amusing plan for the end of the evening.
This Gowan had plenty to say for himself, and said it in an off-hand and amusing manner.
And besides, there are lots of amusing people there, I expect.


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