amplitude Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • книжн. обширность, большой объём; простор, широта; диапазон; размах; полнота

    • обилие, изобилие

      an amplitude of money — масса /куча/ денег

    • широта взглядов, масштабность мышления

    • астр. амплитуда

      amplitude modulation — радио амплитудная модуляция

    • физ. размах

    • дальность действия; радиус действия

  • амплитуда
maximum amplitude – максимальная амплитуда
input signal amplitude – амплитуда входного сигнала
  • широта
  • амплитудный
quadrature amplitude modulation – квадратурная амплитудная модуляция

Примеры использования

The amplitude of the student’s knowledge about astronomy and physics was beyond the teacher’s grasp.
The magnitude of an earthquake is determined by the amplitude of waves recorded on a seismograph.
When scientists talk about measuring the amplitude of a wave, they refer to the distance from the waves rest position to its crest.
The amplitude of Jerry’s knee jerk reflex from the tap of a hammer began to wane, as he began to experience it repeatedly.
Queen Elizabeth supported the appointment of the duke as ruler over the duchy, with all the amplitude of her authority.
The amplitude is the width of swing of the individual particles of the waves.
The wealth of design and amplitude of the series are truly amazing.
The one is marked by energy and accuracy, the other by amplitude.
The harbor of New York gives, first of all, the impression of amplitude.
This is called the amplitude and is indicated by the distance A-b.
Factors affecting intensity: area, amplitude, density, distance.
There is, however, a change not merely in amplitude but in type.
The young man who wrote with this amplitude and precision must have meant what he said.
The amplitude of the response-curve measures the intensity of excitation.
The amplitude of response was not only diminished, but the recovery also was incomplete.


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