amend Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • исправлять, улучшать, изменять к лучшему

      to amend one's way of living [one's conduct] — изменить свой образ жизни [своё поведение] (к лучшему)

      to amend the situation — выправить положение

      to amend one's table manners — научиться правильно вести себя за столом

      the spelling in my essay was amended by the teacher — учитель исправил орфографические ошибки в моём сочинении

    • исправляться, избавляться от пороков, недостатков

      it is never late to amend — никогда не поздно исправиться

    • вносить изменения, поправки (в законопроект, предложение и т. п.)

      to amend a Bill [a text] — вносить поправки в законопроект [в текст]

      to adopt a resolution as amended — принять резолюцию со всеми поправками

  • исправлять
amended text – исправленный текст
  • внести поправки
  • откорректировать
  • дополнить
  • улучшать

Примеры использования

Chris said that he would amend the bill before the year’s end due to the public outcry.
We learned that Congress has the right to amend the constitution under certain conditions.
Martha's heirs argued that she was forced to amend her will as it was done under duress.
The juvenile told the judge that he would amend his ways and contribute to the betterment of society.
After proving that I was truly born on a different date, they agreed to amend my birth certificate.
I was for going to Wiscasset, like two prodigals, own our fault, and endeavour to amend.
A proof of each of the songs that I compose or amend I shall receive as a favour.
Let us amend it as soon as possible, only in this case let me pay for the drinks.
We forgave all his misconduct, and my husband talked to him and implored him to amend.
Alter, amend, add to or take away from them, exactly as you think best.
But he saw the blunder, and hastened to amend the error as best he might.
Do gentlemen claim it is unconstitutional to amend the Constitution?
When any one has done a wrong that he can not amend, the only manly course is to confess.
"I should amend the motion by suggesting that we all go to bed," laughed he.
Thus we may amend by art what nature, if left to herself, would mar.


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