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  1. прилагательное
    • божественный, неземной

    • восхитительный; сладостный

      ambrosial air — благоуханный воздух

      ambrosial locks — восхитительные локоны

  • божественный
  • восхитительный

Примеры использования

Because Janice liked the ambrosial scent of the shrubs, she decided to plant a few in her front yard.
Ann burned an ambrosial candle to remove a foul odor from her house.
In the early hours of the day, Gail opens her balcony doors so she can inhale the ambrosial smell of the honeysuckle plants.
I knew I was going to break my diet when I inhaled the ambrosial scent from the bakery.
The perfume has an ambrosial fragrance my husband finds extremely appealing.
Am I to have some of this ambrosial bread, too, Cousin Molly?
(Contentment is the ambrosial draught for oblivion of all cares).
Quaffing nectar at mess with gods golden dishes, all ambrosial.
If the rose has thorns, has it not also a balsamic tincture and ambrosial sweetness?
Joves ambrosial curls must shake in another Olympia than this.
Most ambrosial dainties are known to the cooks of this parish.
"I know of a number of things," says the bonnet, nodding with ambrosial curls.
Ambrosial has its proper meaning,—pertaining to the immortals.
But Nature was just as fair that ambrosial September day as if there was not a dissonance.
After months of city food her bread, pies, and cookies were ambrosial.

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